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system is 3.5 with pathfinder elements

starting at lvl 1 with 100 gold

number crunching is Highly frowned upon

setting is going to be survival horror-esque

diseases are ACTUAL diseases and must be cured realistically, there is now no "make 2 consecutive fortitude saves and you ar a-ok

~80% of the adventure will be out of the cities, so do try to stock up as much as possible when you encounter one

MAGIC ITEMS: they will be hard to come by, most magic items you will receive are homebrew and will be given to you upon completion of the “BONUS GET!!!” system

the BONUS GET!!! system: occasionally you will be given a free challenge, in which the difficulty is turned up a notch or two, if the party completes the bonus get, the spoils will be magic items, in very distinctly videogame-like fashion, the criteria for both acquiring and winning a bonus get change depending on where you are and what you are doing. also before I forget to mention it, when I say free, I mean if you die/are injured in the bonus get, upon success/failure of it, you will be returned to the state you were in, prior to starting it

flesh out your character and develop something you can actually roleplay!!!

restrictions: as of right now there are no class or race restrictions and is likely to stay so. so basically just about everything is up for grabs as long as you run it by me first, emphasis on run it by me. so I challenge you all to come up with really interesting character concepts!